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Watch this 2 minute video clip of testimonials. Thanks to your help, we are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who qualifies?

Low income individuals/families living in Tennessee are eligible.

As an approved distributor of USDA* commodities, we must adhere to their eligibility requirements. These fall into two categories:

  1. Families on public assistance (Must show proof of this)
    1. Food Stamps (SNAP)
    2. AFDC (Families First)
    3. SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
    4. Public Housing resident
    5. LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program)
  2. Families with income levels not in excess of the maximum percentage of the poverty level (Must know total household income)
    1. Social Security (including disability) recipients (most will fall under this level but some exceptions may occur)
    2. All others with incomes below the maximum percentage of the poverty level

Families may be approved for up to one (1) year at a time.  Application Renewals are required after one year.  All applicant/recipient information will be stored securely in the the Link2Feed software Joseph's Storehouse participates in using.

NOTE: Food pickups are restricted to once per month per the USDA guidelines.  The new computer system will flag any duplicate addresses or pickup dates within the same month.  As a result, you may be turned down for food at that time if it is determined your household has already received food for the month from either Joseph's Storehouse or from another USDA distributor in Tennessee.

*USDA and Joseph's Storehouse Food Ministry are equal opportunity providers.

What to bring?

First time applicants must bring:

  1. One form of identification (picture ID, such as driver's license, military ID, etc.; if no picture ID, then two forms of other ID, such as  Food Stamp card, Medicare card, Voter Registration card, or birth certificate)
  2. Proof of Address (official mail showing address). If your address is flagged as having multiple people at that address, you will be required to show that there are more than one household with separate living expenses at that address.
  3. Proof of public assistance (food stamps-SNAP, families first, SSI, LIHEAP, public housing)  or self-declare total household income.


When is the monthly food distribution?

The monthly distribution is always held from 8:30-11:30 AM on the last Saturday of each month and Thursday of that same week.  The only exceptions are November and December when it is held the week prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

What about emergency situations?

Individuals/families may come on Mon-Thurs 9-11:00 AM to receive One Time Only emergency food. This is for emergency situations. Monthly food recipients must come during the regular distribution times.  If you receive emergency food during the month, you will have to wait until the following month to come to the regular distribution due to the once-per-month policy.

What types of donations are acceptable?

We welcome donations of unopened food, toiletry and household items. We have coolers and freezers to keep items fresh until the food distribution. We also welcome donations of refrigerators, freezers, storage bags, boxes, and similar items. In addition, we accept donations of toys, appliances, and other things a family in need could use, in new or very good condition. From time to time we have specific needs for which we send out a plea to the community. And of course we welcome cash contributions. It takes dollars to pay for the food, freight, and general overhead (utilities, supplies, etc.) in order to do all that we do.

Are diapers available?

Many low-income families are in need of diapers. While we may not always have diapers, when we do, applicants may fill out a simple diaper request and show proof of a child (or children) in need of diapers. Either a birth certificate or Record of Live Birth from the hospital that shows the name and birth date of the child is required.

More Resources for Help

DeKalb County:

Upper Cumberland HRA 615-597-4504;

God's Food Pantry 615-597-4540

Smith County:

Help Center 615-735-8090;

Upper Cumberland HRA 615-735-0476

Trousdale County:

Help Center 615-374-2904;

Mid-Cumberland HRA 615-374-3489

Second Harvest Food Bank

Food Pantries

Feeding America

Free Food

Mid Cumberland HRA

Upper Cumberland HRA



Do you need volunteers?

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our base of volunteer support. We need volunteers to help in the warehouse sorting, bagging and boxing food and other items. During the monthly giveaway days we need extra volunteers to help with everything from application registration to prayer/ministry counseling to loading the cars with the food. First time volunteers are usually assigned to help with the food distribution lines in the warehouse. Volunteer ministry counselors and registration table workers require some training first.

Are there any restrictions on volunteers?

Children ages 13-17 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other adult representative (the youth minister of a youth group, for instance).  Children 9-12 accompanied by a parent are allowed on a case by case basis.  Children 8 and under are encouraged to come back when they are older. Volunteers working in the warehouse must wear appropriate closed-toed shoes and be physically able to lift the boxes full of food.  We also ask that everyone dress modestly... nothing shorter than walking shorts for both men and women, and ladies, please wear tops with appropriate necklines. We do have a policy/procedure form for all volunteers. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Do I have to attend church services or pray?

We are not a church, nor are we directly affiliated with any specific church. We are an independent, faith-based 501(c)(3) ministry.  We do, however, offer faith-based services during the monthly food distribution times for those who wish to attend while they are awaiting their turn to receive food. The services are non-denominational and are conducted by a variety of individuals and organizations throughout the community.  The services may include basic preaching/teaching, music, drama, comedy, education, etc.*  No one is required to attend the service in order to receive assistance; it is completely voluntary. We do find that most of our food recipients enjoy attending the services, but we do have some that choose not to participate, which is fine as well.

The same goes for prayer. It is completely voluntary, and no one is required to participate. We do offer to pray with anyone who comes through our doors that might want to do so. Almost everyone who comes for assistance also requests prayer. We are offering them hope and encouragement, and most people appreciate being shown the brotherly love that our faith teaches us to show our fellow man.  We pray for whatever specific needs the person requests, typically in the areas of health, family and finances. If someone doesn't want prayer, that's his/her choice and does not affect his/her ability to receive assistance from us.

*If your church, ministry, or organization would like to take part in some of the services, please contact us about our Adopt-a-Month program.





As the recipient of the donated food and other goods, including, but not limited to, toiletries, cleaning supplies, household goods and toys (Donations) received from Love One Another Embassy, Inc. dba Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministry (Donor), I and my household members (Donee) hereby waive and release any rights, actions or claims against Donor, its current and future officers, directors, trustees, employees, successors, assigns, agents and representatives for any liabilities, losses, damages, settlements, and/or judgments, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to the consumption, use, further disposition, or transfer of Donations by Donee or any other person or entity, including, but not limited to, any food-borne illnesses and death, arising out of or in connection with Donee’s consumption or use of Donations received from Donor.  Donee recognizes that there are certain inherent risks associated with Donations and Donee assumes full responsibility for any personal injury to any person(s) that may result. Donations will be personally used by Donee and Donee’s immediately family only and will not be sold, bartered or exchanged for any reason. 


I understand that misrepresentation of the facts, and/or selling, trading, bartering, or otherwise using donated food and/or other donated items in any way other than for my immediate household listed above will result in my inability to receive further donations from Love One Another Embassy, Inc. dba Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministry.


I hereby grant the following rights to Love One Another Embassy, Inc. dba Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministry (LOAE/JSFM) related to the possible use of my image and likeness, visual depiction, oral or written statements, or any other similar information and materials supplied by me. I am willingly having my picture taken and/or my voice recorded and grant unconditional permission to LOAE/JSFM to use Material (photographs, videos, visual depictions, images, likeness, oral or written statements, etc.) for publicity, advertising and promotions, or other similar organizational purposes. 

I understand participation is voluntary and that I will receive no compensation or rights to ownership of Material whatsoever. I acknowledge that no promise or representation has been made to me that LOAE/JSFM shall be obligated to use the Material in any way and LOAE/JSFM shall have sole discretion in determining when or whether the material should be used.LOAE/JSFM shall have full ownership of the Material and shall have full rights to use, edit, reproduce, post, publish, broadcast, exhibit, distribute, or display the Material in any form, including, but not limited to, broadcast or cable television, satellite transmission, film, photographs, print media, digital images, e-publications via Internet (web site, social media, etc.).

I expressly release LOAE/JSFM from any and all legal claims or liability that may arise as a result of the use of Material, and I agree to be fully responsible for my own participation and hold LOAE/JSFM harmless from any liability, loss or expense, arising from the use of Material. I affirm that the use of the above-referenced Material will not violate the rights of any person or organization and will not result in any liability for payment to any person(s) or entity.

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